The Contestants

This is a series created by GMoneyLive featuring new contestants and new challenges that takes place on Albany Island.


  • Kelsey
  • Julie
  • Kylie
  • Sarah
  • Erick
  • Jenny
  • Alex
  • Cassie
  • Boxe
  • Dex
  • Elle
  • Emma
  • Danny
  • Willie
  • Linda
  • Serena
  • Mike
  • Sam


Team VengeanceEdit

  • Serena
  • Alex
  • Willie
  • Erick
  • Linda
  • Mike
  • Kelsey

Team CosmicEdit

  • Danny
  • Ellie
  • Julie
  • Emma
  • Boxe
  • Cassie

Team SupremeEdit

  • Sam
  • Kylie
  • Sarah
  • Dex
  • Jenny

Character BiosEdit


She is a kind girl at heart however, she can be very mean and cruel at times. She seems to be friends with many, on her team especially. She has a strong hatred for Jenny. It is stated by Emblem64 that she has a strong hatred for Linda as well. However, it has never been seen so far in the show.


  • Dex: Status (Together): The two has been a couple since episode one. She stated that she had a deep attraction towards When Jenny was seen flirting with Dex in the second episode, Serena got jealous and swore that Jenny would regret it. In episode three beginning, Serena stated that despite her team not winning, she is glad that Dex is still in. Serena also defended her boyfriend when many of the girls expressed their hatred for him.


Serena is shown to have a variety of friends.

  • Willie: Though their friendship is existent, they do not interact one on one much of the time. Serena however agreed with Erick to have Mike and Willie be in the obstacle course in the second episode. Serena also did not judge on Willie and told Willie that she likes Dex for who he is. Willie then respects that. Serena let Willie be on Bass in the third episode.
  • Erick (Best Friend): The two have been on good terms since they were put on the same team. The two usually takes on the role as team leaders and captains. In the second episode, Erick told their teammates that he and Serena could not compete in the challenge as they are too beautiful. Serena then agreed with him. The two also acts as leaders in episode three. When they lose, Serena and Erick both probably voted Alex off together.
  • Mike: Serena and Mike seems to be decent friends however, Serena is shown to be annoyed of Mike on many occasions. Serena agreed with Erick to vote Mike and Willie to compete in the obstacle course in the second episode. When Mike wanted to be drums but Alex got the part, Serena was seen fine with Mike not getting the part. Serena was annoyed when Alex and Mike screwed things up for them.
  • Kelsey: Serena and Kelsey both have existing friendships however, it is a very odd and faint friendship. They rarely interact one on one but they think of each other as great friends. When Kesley wanted a part in the battle of the bands, Serena did not stop her.
  • Danny: Their friendship is at the verge of being extinct because of their lack of talking. However, in the first episode they seemed to get along. In the fourth episode, Serena complimented Danny by getting Willie to notice him. Danny then compliments Serena on her dress before Dex beats Danny up (without her knowing).
  • Julie: Julie and Serena are shown to be good friends like in the first episode. In the fourth episode, Julie told Serena that she was a closer friend to her than she realized.


As Serena's enemies are short, she does have some fierece opponents

  • Linda (Arch-nemesis): The two has been enemies since put on the same team together. As they seemed to have gotten along during team discussions, they flew out of the window in the fourth episode. Serena and Linda could not stop arguing and when Serena gets captured, Linda says that it was good riddance.
  • Jenny (Intense Rivalry): Serena has hated Jenny since episode one when Jenny has gotten on many people's bad side. In the second episode, Serena was jealous when Jenny was flirting with Dex, her boyfriend. In the fourth episode, at the end of the episode, Serena was chasing Jenny around the island as revenge for flirting with her bf.


He is the most quite of all contestants and even states that he does not like to talk a lot of the time. Due to this, his friends list is limited.




  • Willie: Though they have hardly interacted one on one or even at all for that matter, the two has somewhat an odd friendship. However, Willie had no problem with Alex and was not against him in any way. Willie also did not vote Alex off. She says sorry to him when he is voted off.
  • Mike (Best Friend): Due to not talking much and limited time on the show, Mike is considered Alex's best friend. The two has not interacted much and has only shown a sign of friendship in the third episode when the two start off on a small conflict (on Mike's side). However, when Alex was voted off, Mike and him becomes friends and grows a short but effective bond.
  • Kelsey (possibly): Due to her bubbly attitude and her not really having anything against Alex, and some say she is friends with him. However, when he was voted off all she said to him was hi and bye.


Due to not having much talking and an early elimination, he does not have as much enemies as other.

  • Linda: Linda seemed to be annoyed of Alex when he lost them the challenge and definetely voted him off. She even stated that she was not going to miss him because he ruined it for them.


She is a nice, sweet and sensitive girl who only gets upset when things do not look "cool" to her standards. She seems to possess many friends as well as Serena and or Danny.


  • Danny: Status (Together): Danny and Willie are shown to be a romantic love pair. The two seems to acknowledge each other. In the third episode Willie tells Danny that he is cute and Danny wonders if she likes him. In episode four, Danny tells Willie how no boy will be able to keep their eyes off of her and she tells him he is cute and caring. When Boxe tells Willie that he saved Danny from Dex, Willie swears to get Dex if he harms Danny. Most likely Boxe chose Willie to go with him in the great dinner because he wanted her to be with Danny.


She is shown to have a great list of friends.

  • Serena: Their friendship is somewhat vague as they do not interact much alone. However, they are shown to get along on many occasions.

Elimination OrderEdit

  • Ellie (Cosmic)
  • Alex (Vengeance)
  • Mike (Vengeance)
  • Kylie (Supreme)
  • Jenny (Supreme)
  • Emma (Cosmic)
  • Julie (Cosmic)
  • Linda (Vengeance)
  • Ellie (again) (Cosmic)
  • Willie (Vengeance)
  • Dex (Supreme & Merge)
  • Sarah (Supreme & Merge)
  • Kelsey (Vengeance & Merge)
  • Sam (Supreme & Merge)
  • Erick (Vengeance & Merge)
  • Boxe (Cosmic & Merge)
  • Cassie (Cosmic & Merge)
  • Runner-up: Serena
  • Winner: Danny

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: Welcome Camp NumskullsEdit

Chris - Welcom Albany Island as we are here having yet another season and a brand new series to the Total Drama Series. Our first contestant here is Serena. Hey Serena!

Serena - Chris.

Chris - ... Yeah okay next we have Danny. Danny, what's up?

Danny - Sup Chris. Nice to see you dude. I am so excited to be here.

Chris - I'm excited you showed up man.

Danny - Sweet.

Chris - Next we have Sam. Sam... How's it going man?

Sam - I am doing well. How are you?

Chris - I'm doing fine man. You can go talk with the other two so far.

Sam - Hey, I'm Sam.

Serena - Serena.

Danny - Danny's my name, don't wear it out.

Sam - Sense of humor, I like that in a person.

Chris - Next we have the rest of the competitors because I do not want to go through this again. Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face without laughing or humiliating somebody. Then again, I'll humiliate you guys all summer.

Dex - Smooth man, next time you lie to me you are gonna get a knuckle sandwhich!

Serena smiles at Dex

(Confessional) Serena - I think Dex could be the perfect boyfriend.

Boxe - Hey Chris, where's the cabins?

Chris - Each team's cabins for girls and boys are over there by the Hike Hut. Everyday you will come to the Hike Hut after dinner in the cafeteria to hear about your next challenge.

Kelsey - I am so excited for this. This will be awesome.

Mike - Dang, you have a lot of energy.

Kelsey - I know right!

(Confessional) Sam - I could use them as alliance members as I am not the person people thinks I am.

Chris - Okay, today is just a day to relaxe. I will be consulting with Chef Hatchet as you guys have Breakfast.


Erick - So, what is this stuff? A handsome guy like me does not deserve such horrible pastries.

Boxe - Dude, I don't think that's a pastry, I think its eggs.

Erick - Eggs?!

Julie - Oh my god! I cannot deal with food that does not look like it should be.

Linda - Why?

Julie - Because it would ruin my complection.

Linda - If you say so.

Serena - Hey Dex.

Dex - Yeah beautiful?

Serena - Can I talk to you outside of the cafeteria for a moment?

Dex - What do you think she wants.

Danny - A Date.

Kelsey - A Kiss.

Kylie - A way to vote you out.

Dex then goes with Serena

Serena - Dex, I want to start a relationship with you.

Serena kisses Dex

Dex - Okay! Deal! You and me are now couples!

Serena - Cool!

(Confessional) Dex - Sweet. One day here and I already have a girlfriend!

Sarah - Hey Danny, where did you get that tatoo?

Danny - My grandpa gave me this real tatoo. He said that it was the mark of the Cherokee.

Jenny - What is so cool about that tatoo if mine is better?

Emma - Yours is better but Danny's is original.

Mike - I hope that Chef Hatchet does not plan on killing us just yet. I am trying to win this show.

Jenny - As well as us dweeb!

Cassie - Hey, that's not cool!

Jenny - Your point?

Cassie - You do not need to be a jerk!

Ellie - Cassie's right! Stop being a jerk Jenny!

Jenny - Fine, but watch him be the first one out!

Alex - Dang, girls know how to argue way better than guys do.

Kelsey - Aww, that's so thoughtful of you Alex.

Chris - Okay, I have picked the teams. On Team Vengeance we have Serena, Alex, Willie, Erick, Linda, Mike and Kelsey.

Erick - Sweet, I declare this flag as Team Vengeance!

Chris - Okay... Team Cosmic is Danny, Ellie, Julie, Emma, Boxe, and Cassie!

Cassie - That's okay, I guess.

Chris - And on Team Supreme we have Sam, Kylie Sarah, Dex and Jenny.

Jenny - What, wait?! Why do we have less players than the other teams?

Chris - Deal with it! Or get eliminated instantly.

Jenny - I'm fine with it.

Chris - Okay then. Our first episode is a wrap up as we have the teams and the first challenge will start tomorrow.

Episode 2: Runaway DirtbagsEdit

Boys Cabin...

Danny - So, its just us guys.

Mike - I guess so.

Dex - Chill out boys because I have a hot girl in the competition.

Erick - Who?

Dex - Serena.

Erick, Danny, Boxe, Mike and Sam - Serena!?

Dex - Yup. She and I are a couple since the day we came while she asked me to come outside from the cafeteria. Anyway, it does not matter because her and I are perfect for each other.

Mike - We'll see about that.

Dex - What did you say pipsqueak?

Mike - Nothing sir.

Sam - Hey Dex, how about you and me in an alliance?

Dex - I don't see the harm? Sure, Sam!

(Confessional) Sam - Sure, until I lead him in getting voted off.

Hike Hut...

Chris - Welcome campers. Your first challenge is to two people of each team compete in an obstacle course. Sounds easy? Well, its not! The first part is wall jumping. The second is jumping through a tire successfully and the last one is sliding down the Pit of Despair. Good Luck!

Team Vengeance...

Erick - Okay. I think that Mike and Willie should do it.

Mike and Willie - What, why?

Erick - Because, you two are the most out of shape.

Serena - He does have a point.

Kelsey - Good luck guys!

Mike and Willie both stare at each other and then gulps

Team Cosmic...

Cassie - Okay, who's gonna do it?

Boxe - I guess I'll do it.

Ellie - I'll do it too!

Emma - Well, I guess that's established.

Team Supreme...

Sam - Okay the one doing this is Dex and Jenny. Any objections?

Jenny - Yes!

Dex - No!

Sam - Good! Kylie, anything you would want to add on this?

Kylie - Nope. Nothing right now.

Chris - Okay, let the obstacle course race begin... Now!

The campers are off...

Willie - This does not seem so bad.

Mike - Yeah, I could get use to thi-

Dex- Out of my way losers!

Dex pushes Willie and Mike to the ground

Willie - Hey, disrespectful!

Mike - Jerk!

Boxe - Are you guys alright?

Willie - I think so. That Dex is a jerk! I hate him!

Mike - Same here, he has been a bully to me for no apparent reason.

Boxe - Yeah, he seems like a jerk.

Ellie - I don't seem to like him either.

Boxe - Anyway, let's keep going.

Serena - Come on guys, double cross them!

Mike and Willie - No. They helped us!

Jenny - Wow Dex! I did not know you were that strong!

Dex - Are you kidding, I lift weights everyday before and after I sleep.

Jenny - Hey look, we have to climb the wall.

3 min later...

Dex - Hey look, its the tires!

Dex throws Jenny through the tire and then jumps through and catches her

Jenny - Not bad.

Serena - Is she trying to steal my boyfriend?!

Kelsey - So Dex is your boyfriend?

Serena - Yeah, he's perfect.

Emma - Really, I thought he was a jerk.

Linda - I can vouch for that.

Ellie - Boxe, there's the tires up ahead.

Boxe jumps through but Ellie gets knocked out.

Cassie - Boxe there's no time to save her, you have to keep going or you are going to lose!

Emma - Yeah man, keep going.

Boxe - No, I am not leaving a partner behind!

Boxe then heroically saves Ellie

Linda - That takes a true hero (drools).

Erick - Seems like somebody has a crush on Boxe.

Linda - No I don't!

Serena - it seems like you do!

(Confessional) Linda - Okay, I admit I have a small simple fondness of Boxe.

Dex - Hey look Jenny, there's the finish line!

Jenny - Looks like we're first!

Team Supreme gets first

Mike - Hey Willie.

Willie - Yeah Mike.

Mike - I kind of feel bad for Team Cosmic losing even though they saved us.

Willie - Yeah. But what can we do? We already passed the finish line for second.

Mike - What?!

Chris - And Team Cosmic is the first team to send a camper home.

Boxe - Well, at least we made it to the finish line.

Ellie - Hey Boxe, what happened?

Boxe - Oh nothing.

Julie - Ellie, are you okay?

Ellie - Julie, I'm fine.

Cassie - You took a nasty head to the tire just now.

Emma - You might want to go to the infirmary.

Ellie - Nah, I'm good.

Bonfire Ceremony...

Chris - You are the first team to lose, and the one who does not get a marshmellow must walk the Beach of Losers, catch the Raft of Shame and get the heck out of here. And you cannot return... Ever! The first smore goes to Danny. Followed by Emma and Cassie. Next goes to Julie and the last one goes to...

Boxe and Ellie both stare at each other and then back at Chris

Chris - Boxe!

Boxe - Yes. Uh I mean, sorry Ellie. I'll miss ya.

Julie - Same here.

Danny - Yeah.

Cassie - You, are my best friend and I hope that you will cheer me on.

Ellie - Of course I will. Why would I not. Just promise me to make it far.

Cassie - I promise!

Ellie then departures

Chris - Well that wraps up this episode. It's been a fun first episode, see ya on the next dramatic episode yet of Total, Drama, Albany Island!

Episode 3: Battle of the BandsEdit

Girls Cabin...

Serena - I was so happy that Dex won. However, I am sad that we lost. But, I am still happy he is still in.

Kelsey - I see you like Dex a lot.

Serena - I do.

Sarah - Well I don't. He is an oversized uber jerk and I would tell him that to his face.

Willie - I so agree. He is a jerk and in the last challenge he pushed Mike and I to the ground.

Serena - Well do not put this all on me. I am trying my best!

Cafeteria (Team Cosmic)...

Danny - Hey Boxe, look what I can do with these straws.

Danny drinks from his nostrils with the straws

Cassie - Eww Danny.

Emma - That's actually really, really gross.

Boxe - Dude, that was actually pretty sweet!

Julie - But Boxe, he drunk from his nostrils. Shouldn't that irritate his nose?

Danny - No.

Cassie - Why not?

Danny - When I was at the doctor, he took all feeling out of my nose, permanently.

Julie - That's so cool!

Boxe - Danny, your awesome.

Team Supreme...

Dex - Kylie, what's the status report?

Kylie - Our team is still sucking in terms of players I have to say we are a strong team.

Jenny - I have to agree. Dex kicked butt in that last challenge. I'm impressed.

Dex - I knew you would be. I have always been good at things, even grades.

Sam - What were your grades?

Dex - B+'s.

Team Vengeance...

Linda - Hey Alex, you do not seem to be much of a talker are you?

Alex - Not really. However, I am good at grades and sports. I excel at math and science.

Willie - Really, I thought you'd seem to be good at Social Studies and English.

Alex - That too.

Erick - Anyway, Kelsey, tell me I look pretty.

Kelsey - Of course you look pretty Erick.

(Confessional) Erick - It's good to be handsome.

Hike Hut...

Chris - Oh-kay campers! Today's challenge is a classic game of battle of the bands.


Chris - I'm sure you do Kelsey. Anywho, each team will have to perform a song that is only 10 seconds.

Contedstants - What Chris?! Come on, are you kidding me?!

Chris - Hey, who says you can't make a great song in just 10 seconds? Anyway, get started!

Team Vengeance...

Erick - Okay, Serena and I will be lead singers because we are the prettiest on the team.

Mike - Hey Erick, is that a real professional way to decide?

Erick - Yeah!

Serena - Well I agree. Any objections?

Willie - Can I be on Bass?

Kelsey - Can I be the drummer? I am a great drummer.

Erick - Okay, I guess that's settled.

Mike - Hey can I do a guitar solo? I know the electric guitar. I think.

Alex - I think I should do it. After all, guitar was my think in second grade.

Serena - Fine.

Mike - What?

(Confessional) Mike - I don't hate Alex, but he is stealing my thunder here.

Team Cosmic...

Danny - Okay, I will be on drums, Boxe will be on drums, Julie will be a lead singer with Cassie.

Emma - Then what do I do?

Julie - You can play the electric guitar.

Emma - Okay.

Team Supreme...

Dex - Okay, listen up dweeb and dweebettes, I am playing the electrical guitar Jenny is a lead singer with Sam and Kylie you are playing the drums.

Kylie - But I don't play the drums!

Dex - Deal with it!

(Confessional) Kylie - Fine! Mister Bossy.

(Confessional) Jenny - (Drools) Ah, Dex is perfect. He and Serena cannot be together.

(Confessional) Sam - Dex is my alliance partner but he is doing good in this challenge so I won't get him out yet.

Chris - Okay it is time. Team Cosmic, you're up first.

10 sec later...

Chris - Wow! That was just, wow. Okay, next up is Team Vengeance!

10 sec later...

Chris - Oh my god! What were you thinking putting Mike as guitarist and Alex as drummer? Ypou guys sucked.

Mike - See, I told you not to make Alex drummer.

Erick - Dang, we sucked.

Willie - Big time.

Danny - You weren't that bad.

Willie - Are you kidding? We were terrible.

Danny - Well I actually liked it.

Willie - Well I think you're cute.

(Confessional) Danny - She thinks I'm cute? Does that mean she likes me?

Chris - Now for our final act of the night, Team Supreme!

10 sec later...

Chris - Not bad.

Dex - Not bad, not bad? That was amazing.

Sam - I have to admit that was pretty good.

Kylie - I think we deserved first.

Jenny - We deserved immuntiy for the next week.

Chris - Whoa, hold on there. I said you weren't bad. That doesn't mean you were the best team. The team that wins is Team Cosmic!

Team Cosmic cheers

Chris - Now, Team Vengeance, you are going to vote somebody off.

Serena - I know who I am voting off.

Erick - Me too.

Kelsey - Me three!

Bonfire Ceremony...

Chris - Okay, welcome to your first ceremony. The camper that does not get a smore must go to the Beach of Losers, catch the Raft of Shame and get out of here. And you cannot return... Ever! First two smores go to Serena and Kelsey. Next goes to Willie and Erick. The next one goes to Linda. Th final one goes to...

Mike and Alex gulps

Chris - Mike! Alex, you're out!

Alex - What?!

Erick - Sorry dude. Your prettiness just was not up to my standards.

Linda - You ruined it for all of us. So, bu-bye!

Serena - I can't say anything to you.

Willie - Sorry.

Kelsey - Hi, bye!

Mike - Dude, I did not vote you off throughout all of this.

Alex - Really?

Mike - Yeah, in fact I actually voted myself off.

Alex - Wow, well I guess I'll miss you guys. I'll be rooting for Kelsey and Mike. Good luck guys.

Alex then leaves

Chris - Wow, that was a total non-shocker. Well find out what will happen next on the next amazing episode of Total, Drama, Albany Island!

Episode 4: Residence of Albany IslandEdit


Danny - And that is why you are a pretty girl and any guy would want you.

Willie - Oh my god! Danny, that was so sweet! You are cute and caring.

Serena - Not bad Danny. Not too shabby either.

Danny - Thank you Serena.

Serena and her team leaves and then Dex beats Danny up

Dex - Mess with my girl again, and I will knock your teeth in!

Danny - Okay bro!

Boxe - Hey dude! Leave him alone!

Dex - And what will you do about it?

Boxe - I'll beat you up!

Dex - Yeah right.

Boxe then hooks Dex's arm around his back

Boxe - You were saying.

Boxe then lets Dex go

Dex - I let you do this to make you feel better.

Boxe - Sure you did.

Hike Hut...

Chris - Campers, today's challenge is to run away and not get hit with a rock by the hoodlums! Sounds easy enough?

Linda - Question. Are the hoodlums the interns?

Chris - Maybe, maybe not.

Linda - What?!

Serena - Oh shut up prima ballerina!

Linda - You shut up you Prima Donna!

Serena - How dare you?!

(Confessional) Serena - I have never really liked Linda at all. She does not really contribute to this team. She does not even contribute more than Mike, and that is saying something.

Chris - Okay, and go!

Team Cosmic...

Boxe - Hey Danny.

Danny - Yeah, I think I am going to make my move on Linda today.

Danny - Go for it man!

Cassie - You're gonna ask Linda out?

Boxe - Maybe.

Emma - You totally should. She seems to be the type for you.

Julie - Go for it Boxe, we believe in you.

Danny - Good luck man.

Boxe then leaves to go to Team Vengeance

Julie - How do you think he will do?

Danny - Don't worry about him.

Hoodlums then hits Cassie and Emma

Danny - Whoa! Julie Run!

Julie - Okay but where?!

Danny - Where I'm going.

Team Supreme...

Kylie - Hey guys, I heard some of the other campers yelling from the east. Now we know where not to go.

Sarah - You said it! I say we go South then.

Jenny - No! We go West!

Sarah - But what if they catch up to us?

Dex - I think they're catching up to us while we are just standing around for nothing.

The Hoodlums then gets Jenny and Sam

Sarah - What do we do now?

Kylie - I say we run!

Team Vengeance...

Erick - Hey Serena, how do you like my hair today?

Serena - I think you are trying way too hard Erick.

Erick - Oh darn it.

Linda - Well it was Serena's fault for leading us here!

Kelsey - That is kind of true. But, Serena would not do this to us on purpose.

Mike - Yeah, Kelsey's right.

Serena - Yeah Linda, so you need to stop accusing.

Boxe - Wait, wait!

Willie - What are you doing here?

Boxe - I came just to hang out with my friends and former "teammates."

Erick - And by that you mean.

Boxe - Just to hang out.

Mike - I believe him.

Serena - Same here.

Willie - I don't know if we can trust him.

Linda - How can you not (drools)?

(Confessional) Willie - The only reason I do not trust Boxe is because he seems like a punk and seems to be like a jerk. I do not hate him however, I do not like him either.

(Confessional) Linda - I have not told my teammates yet but I think my feelings for Boxe has developed... But only slightly.

Hoodlums comes and gets Serena, Kelsey and Mike.

Linda - I guess that is two odd balls and a oversized jerk-like dumpster clothes wearing girl gone. Good ridance.

Willie - Wow. I guess we should get out of here and head back to the main area huh?

Erick - Yup. Unless you would like to get captured.

Willie - I'm good.

Team Cosmic...

Danny - We have been walking for sometime and has not found a single other camper. And I think I am starting to wonder if Boxe made it to the other team.

Julie - Don't worry Danny. Boxe is stronger than that.

Danny - I guess you're right.

Dex - Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. Looks like there is no Boxe to protect you anymore.

The Hoodlums then comes and gets Danny and Dex

Kylie - Hey Dex, where did you go?

Julie - Kylie, Dex and Danny have been gotten!

Kylie - What?!

Sarah - Don't say anything Kylie, I heard the whole thing. Now, where do we need to go?

Linda - Hellow? Anybody there?

Sarah - Yes, we're here.

Erick - Hey look, the gang is hear with the absence of most of the other campers.

Remaining campers: Erick, Willie, Linda, Boxe, Julie, Sarah and Kylie

Boxe - Julie, Julie! What happened to Danny?

Julie - Oh Boxe am I glad to see you're still hear. Danny was taken by the Hoodlums!

Boxe - What?!

Kylie - I saw the whole thing as well. I am what you call a witness.

Boxe - What happened before he got taken?

Kylie - I think he was going to get beat up by Dex.

Willie - Dex? Man if he injures Danny, I am going to commit some serious damage on his face forever!

Boxe - Wow, that shows the friendship.

Willie - Shut it ,mister! I still don't trust you.

Boxe - Why not? I am Danny's best friend. I defended him from Dex!

Willie - Oh really, then I guess we're at least on good terms.

The Hoodlums then strikes and Boxe wakes up to find that Sarah, Erick, and Willie has been captured

Kylie - What happened?

Linda - I think that the others has been ambushed and so it just leaves us four.

Boxe - You must us three? I don't see Julie anywhere.

Julie - Quick, run guys! While you have a chance, its over for me!

Kylie - We should run now!

Boxe and Linda - Agreed!

The three then runs into a dead zone and the Hoodlums gets Kylie and injures Linda

Boxe - Linda, Linda, speak to me! Look, I know I am not on your team and all but I think I have some feelings for you that I do not have for other girls.

Linda - I was thinking the same thing. However, I do not let my team know. I think we should become an official couple when it is the right time.

Linda then faints and the Hoodlums catches them and hurts Boxe

Boxe - You guys messed with the wrong guy. Eat this losers!

Boxe then defeats all of them using bigger rocks

Chris - And Boxe is the winner of the challenge!

Boxe - Say what now?

Chris - Yup. Nobody was ever really hurt. They all just pretended. And the Hoodlums, just Chef Hatchet and some interns.

Chef Hatchet - You did good runt!

Boxe - So does that mean anybody gets eliminated?

Chris - Are you kidding? This was a reward challenge. But you win a great dinner made by Chef Hatchet himself. You may invite 5 people. Pick wisely.

Boxe - I pick Danny, Linda, Julie, Willie and Cassie.

Kelsey - Way to go Boxe!

Dex - That should have been my or Jenny's reward. My girlfriend Serena should have been chosen.

Jenny - It's okay Dex.

Serena - For him it is anyway.

Jenny - Serena... How's it going girl?

Serena - Stay away from my boyfriend you man stealer!

Chris - Well that's a wrap. See you next time on Total, Drama, Albany Island!