Luigi is a protagonist in each series staring the Mario Bros. He is the dueteragonist of The Mario Bros. Show and is the main protagonist in Super Luigi.








Samus (Super Luigi only)


Mario (Mario Bros. Show only),

C. Falcon (Super Luigi only),

Fox, Kirby, Yoshi, Samus

Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Link


Kirby, DK, Mario

Voice actor



Luigi unlike his brother was not isolated by people and was not imprisoned by an evil figure. Luigi was properly trained in the Mushroom Kingdom and has even been capable of doing things on his own. He however due to Mario being in prison by DK, has never met his brother. They officially meet in the end of the first episode of The Mario Bros. Show. However, Super Luigi is the alternative timeline sequel where Luigi did know his brother but Mario teamed up with DK because he felt like Luigi was too much of a coward to be his sidekick. Luigi then took charge of his own and teamed up with Yoshi and C. Falcon to stop Mario and save the Mushroom Kingdom.


Luigi is rather a nice person like Mario (Mario Bros. Show only) but seems to be rather scared of many things. He was shown to be against going with Mario until they had a fight to see what would happen (to which Mario won). However, he has shown his brave side like when C. Falcon injured Mario, Luigi got revenge by beating him.


  • Luigi is usually the sidekick out of Mario and Luigi.
  • Luigi stars as the main protagonist in his own show, Super Luigi.
  • Emblem64 stated that there is another show starring Luigi called the Luigi show where Luigi is also the main character.
  • Luigi is viewed as a supporting character in Paper Mario Animated because of his lack of importance in the storyline.